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Let's face it, we all don't ALWAYS eat an entire pound of pasta when we cook. But how to store it? We searched high and low for the right vessel, and decided to combine forces with the folks at Planetary Designs to create gorgeous, countertop-worthy canisters that will keep your pasta fresher than fresh. Their system, a stainless canister with a BPA-free lid that pushes oxygen out, is a must-have in the kitchen. And, shhhh...we're starting a refill program next year that will allow you to drop one off and have a packaging-free pasta experience!

This gift set includes 3 pastas of your choosing, and one Airscape Canister.

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Usually ready in 2 hours

Pasta Cooking Tips
  • Use a large enough pot so your pasta doesn't stick together.
  • Salt your water aggressively. Not sure how much? Taste it! We use about a tablespoon of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt per quart of water.
  • Remove your pasta from the water before it's totally al dente and SAVE YOUR PASTA WATER!
  • Fresh pasta cooks in about 2 minutes. Dried pasta takes 6 minutes or more.
  • Finish your pasta in your sauce with a ladleful of pasta water.

Organic semolina and water.

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Fresh pastas DO NOT SHIP. Pick up at the shop only.

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love it

What a great purchase--will use it for pasta!