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Organic Misfit Pasta (5#)

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Clogged dies, drying flaws, testing new shapes...we run into occasional problems. The resulting pastas are imperfect but delicious. So we sell them for less! We obviously aim for perfection, so misfits are rare. Get them while you can.

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Usually ready in 2 hours

Pasta Cooking Tips
  • Use a large enough pot so your pasta doesn't stick together.
  • Salt your water aggressively. Not sure how much? Taste it! We use about a tablespoon of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt per quart of water.
  • Remove your pasta from the water before it's totally al dente and SAVE YOUR PASTA WATER!
  • Fresh pasta cooks in about 2 minutes. Dried pasta takes 6 minutes or more.
  • Finish your pasta in your sauce with a ladleful of pasta water.

Organic semolina and water.

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Fresh pastas DO NOT SHIP. Pick up at the shop only.

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It wasn’t misfit but it was 5 pounds

Chef kiss!

We have been big fans of the pasta for years and the misfits were always a fan favorite with our son who loves to cook. I recently bought the 5 lb bag and its been a huge hit! I'm not exaggerating when I say he's made pasta 3 days this week already.
Thanks a bunch for making such a great product we can support locally!

barnaby cockcroft

Organic Misfit Pasta (5lb bag)


We made our own gift baskets with pasta from Semolina and it was a great success with friends and family! We look forward to making more family recipes with Semolina Pasta!


Love the pasta and love the deal! For some reason I expected different types of pasta all put together in one bag. I was thrilled to discover it was all the same pasta. The misfits deal is the way to go!