Semolina Logo, and ocean scene

It's My Privilege to Feed You

Pasta isn’t just food, it’s a thread that weaves together family recipes and immigrant stories, it’s comfort and deliciousness, celebration and quotidiano. Most importantly, it’s something meant to be shared with the people we love.

When I started Semolina in 2014 most dried pasta available in stores was industrial, imported commodity pasta with a huge carbon footprint and the taste and texture of wet cardboard. I wanted something better to feed my family, and I thought maybe others would too. So I set out to learn everything I could about making and drying pasta.

My family! My husband Neal, and my kids, Enzo and Gia. I started Semolina when they were just one and two!

In the beginning I dried pasta in my laundry room, then in the 100-square-foot Lincoln Heights kitchen mentioned in the video above. Since 2017, I’ve worked out of a storefront in Northwest Pasadena, where the business has evolved into a community pasta shop and market called Ferrazzani's.

I am excited for the next chapter, and my team and I are hard at work to bring new pasta creations to the shop, including take-and-bake lasagnas and egg pastas, and community collaborations like pizza dough with our neighbors at Prime Pizza. We also serve cravable sandwiches, make housemade sauces to help you cook, and we’re dedicated to finding new ways to feed your soul and your appetite. 

So welcome to the Semolina Artisanal Pasta/Ferrazzani's family. Join me on this delicious journey, and let's make some memories together, one meal at a time.

-Leah Ferrazzani, Founder