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Organic Rigatoni

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Semolina Artisanal Pasta's hearty rigatoni is the perfect cut for baked pasta dishes and meaty ragus., and we especially love it for the classic Roman pastas: alla Gricia, Carbonara, all'Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe.

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Usually ready in 2 hours

Pasta Cooking Tips
  • Use a large enough pot so your pasta doesn't stick together.
  • Salt your water aggressively. Not sure how much? Taste it! We use about a tablespoon of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt per quart of water.
  • Remove your pasta from the water before it's totally al dente and SAVE YOUR PASTA WATER!
  • Fresh pasta cooks in about 2 minutes. Dried pasta takes 6 minutes or more.
  • Finish your pasta in your sauce with a ladleful of pasta water.

Organic semolina and water.

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Fresh pastas DO NOT SHIP. Pick up at the shop only.

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Based on 13 reviews
Richard Freese
Great pasta

We really enjoy their pasta

Not quite as good as I remember

I believe something is odd about the durum used in recent batches. A much more bitter taste is associated with this rigatoni than last time I had Semolina pasta, which usually had a much cleaner taste.

Cara Fennessy

Organic Rigatoni


I’m pleased with the quick shipping response, but as of now, I haven’t used any of the product. I’d be glad to review once I’ve tried the pasta!

michael calabrese

Organic Rigatoni