Semolina Fresh Bucatini (Pickup Only)
Semolina Fresh Bucatini (Pickup Only)
Semolina Fresh Bucatini (Pickup Only)
Semolina Artisanal Pasta

Semolina Fresh Bucatini (Pickup Only)

$ 12.50

One of my all-time favorite pasta shapes, the name bucatini comes from the Italian word bucato, which means piercedIts straw-like shape allows for a thicker pasta that doesn't take forever to cook, and a little hole for all of your sauce to seep into.

The bucatini cooks in just 2-3 minutes and has a firm bite.

*Fresh pasta does not ship. Pickup only!

Customer Reviews

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Erin Hughes
So Good! and so easy

I ordered pasta online and received a very prompt response. Pick up was so easy and the pasta was really good! It really made the dinner special and I can't wait to pick up more!

Thank you, Erin! This brings me so much joy to read. I'm so glad to get to feed you and make the everyday a little more special.


Semolina has the best bucatini and fresh pasta! You can never go wrong! It’s got a wonderful structure and it really absorbs the flavor of the sauce perfectly! Whether it’s an egg yolk or cream or tomato sauce, the pasta sucks up the flavor and is it’s wonderful no matter what cook time you prefer.. if you are looking for Al dente or cooked slightly more, it holds its form., I have to say I usually grab the pappardelle or the bucatini.. it’s all I eat now… try it!! Grab some other wonderful yummy items as check out!!

Thank you!

Houston Lawrence

Excellent fresh Pasta. The provisions store is also clutch for last minute needs/wants.

Allison Burdett
Perfect restaurant-quality fresh pasta every time!!

I am so lucky to have Semolina in my neighborhood, I just pickup my order curbside and it is the best fresh pasta! It turns out deliciously al dente every time, never sticks together, and has great texture. My favorite is the bucatini. One order is definitely more than enough for two generous entree-sized plates of pasta. And so easy to make, only 3-4 minutes in the water. Try it and you will be hooked!

Victor Becerra
Semolina Fresh Bucatini

Fresh Bucatini is great! Love the way sauce (and cheese) adheres to it. Finally its delicious chew is why I keep coming back for more!!!