Social Responsibility


We support the following organizations through pasta donations.

LA Kitchen
Sova Food Pantry
Grandview Foundation
LA Mission Women's Division

#EndFoodWasteLA Challenge to Support LA Kitchen

We are currently working on the first annual crowdfunding campaign to bring attention to the issue of food waste, with the proceeds of the campaign going to LA Kitchen, whose mission is to reduce food waste by using produce from farms and distributors that might ordinarily go to waste and transforming them into delicious meals for seniors and other vulnerable members of our community. LA Kitchen also provides culinary job training for recently emancipated foster youth and older adults transitioning from incarceration, many of whom go on to continue to work within the organization as cooks after graduation.

We are always looking for partners whose missions align with ours to find ways to support them. If you’d like to talk more about working together, email

Environmental Impact

Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers, Ventura CA

The core of what makes Semolina Artisanal Pasta so good is that we only use semolina and water. Less expensive pastas are often cut with finely milled Durum flour, which makes for pasta that gets mushy when cooked. The course granules of semolina are the result of a complicated milling process that it is difficult and cost prohibitive for smaller mills and nearly impossible to achieve on a stone mill. Because of this, building relationships with Durum farmers that we trust and having the semolina milled for us hasn’t been an option. We use certified organic semolina to ensure that the semolina we use adheres to as many of our ideals, and those of our customers, as it can. Organic semolina is non-GMO and is grown using no petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers, no sewage sludge and isn’t irradiated. We’ve then taken the extra step of becoming certified organic ourselves to demonstrate our commitment to quality, and to ensure that we don’t introduce any practices along the way that would jeopardize the integrity of our brand.

Food Waste

At Semolina we are committed to minimizing food waste from start to finish. We work with a miller who sells the byproduct of semolina milling, the bran and the germ, as feed to the dairy industry. In our kitchen, waste is minimal. So small, in fact, that on an average day, our trash is simply the bags our flour comes in and about a cup and a half of spent dough.