Our Mission

You deserve better pasta. At Semolina, we make it.

Feeding people—my family, my friends, my neighbors—has been at the heart of how I express love since I was a kid. I remember being excited to share my grandmother's rugelach, when it arrived by mail in a shoe box, but only with people who I knew would appreciate all of the love and work that went into it. I remember cooking with my dad on Mondays, throwing everything into the pot to see what happened, and being excited to see whether or not my mom liked it. And I remember baking lasagnas and stuffed shells and sloppy joes to feed my college friends. 

With Semolina Artisanal Pasta I want to broaden my reach, by creating good jobs in my neighborhood and contributing pasta, time and a portion of Semolina’s profits to food-related organizations. We work to alleviate hunger, reduce food waste, empower individuals, teach children about food and improve the local and national food system.

Our values as a company reflect my values as a mother, an environmental advocate, a feminist and a believer that a successful business can be conducted with transparency and integrity.

 —Leah Ferrazzani, Founder/Pastaia