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Salt Your Water

Semolina on Good Eggs!

I've lead many lives. New Yorker. Tahoe ski "bum." Winery crush rat, to name a few. The newest one--working mom--has taken the most adjustment. I used to love going from butcher to bakery to farmers' market to get all of the ingredients for a delicious homemade meal. But just loading, unloading and reloading two toddlers into the car those three different times is enough to make one-stop shopping much more appealing. Never one to sacrifice quality for convenience, I was excited to learn Good Eggs was coming to Los Angeles last year. I've been a customer ever since they launched, getting fresh farmers' market produce, sustainable seafood and meats and even fresh-baked bread delivered to my door. I'm thrilled to announce one more great reason to shop with Good Eggs: they carry Semolina Artisanal Pastas!

So head on over to our Web Stand and place and order for some of our organic, small batch pastas, and while you're there, pick up the rest of the ingredients to make a version of Bon Appetit's delicious Winter Squash Carbonara. I recommend substituting the pancetta with Alle Pia Salumi's yummy guanciale and our spaghetti for the recommended linguine.

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